Friday, August 24, 2012

Making Up Your Mind on Mascara

There are countless mascara choices!
There are myriad options when it comes to mascara and all novices are overwhelmed by this. I have never been the type to coat my face in layers and layers of makeup, however, I believe that every should have a little mascara. To add to that, she doesn't only have the right to a little mascara, she needs the right mascara. You and I could explore the many types available for you to buy and some I would never recommend because of personal taste,  but ultimately, the choice is yours.

The Color of Your Curl

Black mascara is the most
The most common mascara colors are black and brown. That makes perfect sense when you think about it because, at least in this part of the world, those are the two most common natural eyelash colors. One of my closest friends has strawberry blond hair and her eyelashes have always been borderline red. Every morning she goes into her bathroom and uses black mascara. That's what she likes, and I will admit, darkening her long is the perfect way to flaunt them. Black looks could on everyone. So goes the saying for dresses and so goes the saying for mascara. However, you might be wondering what the point of brown mascara is. Well, to the trained eye, black mascara, even on ebony belles is a dead give away. Those aiming for a "natural look" will sometimes use brown mascara. It doesn't offer as much definition and contrast to the wearer but that's a trade off that some can come to terms with. Women who have fairer skin (of any race) and light colored hair that goes with it will sometimes use brown mascara because black is an exaggerated contrast on their eyelashes. In Contrast, there is also clear mascara. Of course, it is the most natural that you could look with mascara because it's not nearly as dramatic as black, brown or any other color of mascara on the market. One of the limited benefits of clear mascara is that it still lengthens the eyelashes and that's a benefit that all of us reap from our mascara.

Water-poof vs. Washable
Crying and looking pretty at the same time is
enough of a battle. Don't worsen your
stakes by wearing washable mascara. 

Now, the advantages to washable aren't as self-explanatory as water-proof. While washable mascara will run off with just about any aqueous solution, the most commonly used being water, water-proof mascara will not come off unless you use make-up remover or scrub really hard with soap (the latter's not advisable). I have always preferred waterproof mascara because eye-makeup remover is quite inexpensive and while many people use cotton balls or cosmetic cotton pads to apply it to their lashes, you could get away with using tissue. In addition to that, you will never be that girl who teared up on a pretty day and ended up with black tears marring her cheeks.

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